Kenpo – The beautiful but brutal art

We caught up with Carl Bell, a colleague at insure4sport as he looks to make a comeback after a 10 week layoff after a serious hernia operation. Before his injury Carl was all set to gain his yellow belt after eight months of hard training but unfortunately the injury has set him back. He hopes to comeback stronger than ever, he has given us an overview of the art of Kenpo, and his plans for progression.

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fitness apps

Fitness apps for 2015

So many people want to get fit and lose weight but aren’t prepared to fork out such hefty sums for gym memberships.

We live in an age where social media and digital interaction has never been greater. According to, seven in 10 people now own a smart phone, so it comes as no surprise that fitness app – many of which are free – are becoming so popular.

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The Most Unforgettable Sporting Accidents

2014 gave us another incredible year of sport with the Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Cup providing us with plenty of sporting news throughout the year. However mixed with the successes were the heartbreaking stories of injury for some athletes. Inspired by the determination of some of these sports men and women we have put together a timeline of some of the most unforgettable sporting accidents of all time.

From dislocated limbs and broken bones to brain damage and severed arteries, athletes from around the world have suffered some of the most horrific injuries possible whilst playing the sport they are most passionate about. Although some of the injuries we have featured have been life threatening, every athlete has proven their dedication to their sport by working hard to rehabilitate themselves and return to compete once more.

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Sports Insurance Sale Continues!  

You can now get yourself prepared for a 2015 packed full of training, trials and tribulations by getting  comprehensive cover for your chosen sport from just £39.99 per year.

This is perfect timing as we know that there will be many New Year Resolutions over the coming weeks to get fit, take on a physical challenge, achieve that desired summer beach body, improve sporting skills, take up a new sport or to simply win more. With sports insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind to push yourself to achieve your very best.

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Matt’s 12 stone challenge

It’s been nearly a month since I last wrote about my challenge and I’m pleased to announce that things are going really well. My fitness has vastly improved in the last four weeks, which I think is down to setting myself regular targets to beat, and being motivated to achieve them and by pushing myself to beat these targets.

I have being focusing my cardiovascular training into four main areas in the gym;

  • Treadmill
  • Cross-trainer
  • Rowing machine
  • Cycling machine

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How to motivate your clients to achieve more – be SMART!

As a Personal Trainer your job is to get the most out of your clients and maximise results no matter how big or small their goal is. They’ve called on you to help, and it’s down to you to unlock their door that leads to progression.

One of the biggest ‘doors’ that prevent people from achieving what they want is motivation. Or to be more precise: a lack of motivation. Without motivation, will power and downright grit and determination, goals will fall by the way side, results will flounder and progression will come to a standstill.  One of your jobs, as a Personal Trainer, is to ensure this never happens, and it’s all about being SMART.

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Adult female with personal trainer at gym.

Five tips every Personal Trainer needs to know

The rapid growth in Personal Trainers doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. The world wants to get fitter and it needs help doing it. This is where you come in, offering valuable fitness advice, training schedules and nutritional plans. As fitness professionals you are the client’s link between setting a goal and achieving it. So it’s vitally important that you are as good as you can be.

However, many Personal Trainers fall at the first hurdle and fail to do the most basic of things right, alienating themselves from their clients and more importantly, preventing clients from achieving their goals.   Undoubtedly, this will have a negative effect on you, your client and your progression as a Personal Trainer.   It really is a case of doing the simple things right. Follow these five tips to make sure you are becoming the best Personal Trainer you can be.

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Top 10 Trends Personal Trainers Need To Know About In 2015  

Calling all Personal Trainers. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has recently announced its annual fitness trend forecast for 2015. The survey has been based on responses from over 3,400 fitness professionals worldwide.

This is the list you need to know about. As a Personal Trainer, it’s paramount to keep on top of new trends and hot topics. You don’t want to get left behind, and more importantly, you want to stay in touch with what your clients are interested in and design and shape sessions to suit.

The results of their survey, now in its ninth year, were published in the November/ December issue of the ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal.

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Top 5 ways for Personal Fitness Trainers to get new clients

There isn’t a single fitness instructor who doesn’t want more clients. Fresh faces means busier timetables, new goals, varying training schedules and of course, more income.  New clients keep the job interesting, exciting and ultimately, rewarding.  However, many personal trainers struggle to find more clients, and are often left scratching their heads as to why.

For some it can be genuinely difficult to find more people to work with, but it really shouldn’t be. Not when you think that a full-time personal trainer only needs 15-20 clients in order to work 30-40 hour weeks – the average client will train at least twice a week.

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Top 5 worst footballing injuries

Football is a truly beautiful game (sometimes) but it’s also a fiercely competitive one, which burns brightly within the very top tier of the professional ranks right the way through to the lower amateur leagues.

That passion, will-to-win and never say die attitude is what makes football the game it is, and is why up and down the country every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, thousands of people grace the fields at their local parks and try their hardest to put that round ball of leather into a net.
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