5 things you shouldn’t do as a Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer, your job is much more than just helping someone lose weight. You’re a confidant, a friend, a motivator, a disciplinarian, even a shoulder a to cry on. Your job is to help people with their goals and provide support no matter how bad your day has been.

Remember, your clients are paying for your services and you have to deliver, every time. And providing you do, everybody wins. Your client wins as their fitness goes from strength to strength and their weight tumbles. And you win, as you see your client reach their goals. What’s more, your client is far more likely to recommend you to a friend. And as your network expands, so does your reputation and work.

Every Personal Trainer must go above and beyond to help – you are trying to win their services.

There are many things you can do to get the most out of your clients. But instead, let’s go through five things you definitely shouldn’t do as a Personal Trainer, which may put off a client so much that they never return.

Don’t focus on their money

There is nothing worse than a Personal Trainer who is more interested in the contents of a client’s wallet. Nothing will frighten a client off more than a Personal Trainer who is more concerned about being paid. Have trust in your client and your skills. If you’re good enough – which you are – the money will take care of itself.

Don’t intimidate

Nobody likes an arrogant show off. You’re there to help, not to make to make your client feel inferior. Remember, they’ve come to you because they are not happy with the way they feel or perhaps look. You are their to change that.

Don’t talk about yourself

As much as your client may look interested in your ‘funny’ anecdote, they’d much rather you focus your attention on them. Of course, it’s important to build up a rapport and this comes from conversation. But try and keep it focused or at least relative.

Don’t stop

You can never do too much for your client. And while there is a fine line between being helpful and becoming a pest, a client would much rather receive an email or a text asking about their week’s progress than nothing at all. Keeping in regular contact with your client helps builds a better working relationship.

Don’t stop!

Just because your client has reached their goal, doesn’t mean your job is done. What’s next? Are they happy? Do they have a new target that they want to achieve? If so, can you help? It’s these questions that you need to ask, which develop trust and enhance your reputation.




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How to become a personal trainer

Want to turn your passion for fitness into a career? We’ll tell you how.

Most people have their own idea of their ‘dream job’ and while everyone wants to pursue different career paths, they all have one thing in common: the desire to be doing something they love.

So what if your passion is health, fitness and exercise? If this is your motivation then you could look into becoming a personal trainer – an option that would allow you to earn a living from your love of health and fitness, while genuinely making a difference to people’s lives.

As a PT, you’d be working with clients in order to help them attain and maintain a healthy fitness level. You can even specialise in particular areas such as fitness for over-60s or fitness during pregnancy. Your day-to-day work would include setting goals with clients and helping them to achieve them, educating clients to help them make suitable diet and lifestyle changes, assisting with workouts and monitoring progress. It’s a rewarding job that’s perfect for a people-person.

If the idea of a PT role sounds appealing, but you’re wondering how you could make it happen for you, Insure4Sport have put together a useful infographic showing you how to transform your healthy lifestyle into a career opportunity you’ll love.

Personal Trainer v4 lee edit

If becoming a personal fitness trainer is your dream job, then specialist personal trainer insurance cover is essential to protect both yourself and your clients in case of accident or injury. It can even cover employer’s liability should your business grow to the point where you need to employ staff to work for you.

For more information on specialist personal trainer insurance take a look at our annual policy options.


5 Super Foods of 2015 to boost your health

Each year a new list of super foods are published, ready to take on the world and help improve health and fitness.

In 2014, blueberries could do no wrong. There they were, in every fitness magazine or health website boasting about their antioxidant and vitamin properties. Manuka honey was another one as was coconut oil and kale.  They were new, exciting foods that took the world of health and fitness by storm, and they were welcomed with open arms. But times change. 2014 was last year, and now in 2015, there are some new super foods in town ready to take their crown.

So let’s take a look at some of this year’s super foods and how they can help boost your health.

Black rice


Any form of aerobic exercise produces oxidants, which cause harmful structural damage to the body’s cells. Antioxidants counteract these effects. Many people will buy antioxidant supplements, but it isn’t necessary as there are so many foods that are abundant in antioxidants. And black rice is one of them. In fact, the antioxidant anthocyanin is six times greater in black rice than brown and white rice and contains almost identical amounts as blueberries.


Saucy Ladies column on what to do with teff, the world's smallest grain (Photo by Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

This tiny grain may not seem like much, but the national pride of Ethiopia is gluten free and contains 50 per cent more protein, five times the fibre and 25 times more calcium than brown rice. It’s perfect to add to soups and salads or even sprinkled on your vegetables.

Dandelion greens



Yep, you heard us, dandelion greens. Apparently, its bitter taste switches on one’s ‘digestive juices’, which help detox the liver. The tangy greens are also a brilliant source of vitamin A, B, C and K. And if that wasn’t enough, they also contain a load of fibre, calcium and iron. If the taste is too much for you, why not mix it into a fruit smoothie?



If you’re bored of quinoa, kaniwa is an excellent substitute. In fact, it’s a better one. Not only is it both gluten and vegan free, it contains more protein too.

Fermented foods


This one may make you wince a little, but fermented foods – a food that has had its carbohydrates and sugars turned into alcohol or beneficial acids – will help digestion and build a healthy immune system.

An imbalance of healthy bacteria can lead to many problems such as inflammation and intestinal permeability. These two issues have been linked to obesity and disease.

Fermented foods provide good bacteria to the gut, which will protect the stomach’s lining preventing gut leaking and maintain a healthy balance of microbiota (bacteria inside the stomach).

Cottage cheese, yoghurts (active cultures), pickled cucumbers and relish are just a number of fermented foods that you can add to your diet.

Yellow Belt – 13 months in the making

Carl is a brand support executive at insure4sport and a student of the martial art Kenpo.

I have been writing to you about ‘Kenpo – the beautiful but brutal art’ and my progress through the Kenpo belt grading system, In my last blog post I wrote about watching ‘the highest ranked Kenpo black belt in the UK’,.  This time it’s my time to shine!

On Saturday I finally passed my grading and successfully moved on to my yellow belt! It was a long, hard, gruelling day which started at 11am with training. We trained until 4pm, at which point we then started grading which finished at around 6:20pm.

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Watching the highest ranked Kenpo black belt in the UK has motivated me for my own progress  

I’m Carl. I am a brand support executive at insure4sport and I have recently taken up ‘Kenpo – the beautiful but brutal art’ and write here about my progress through the Kenpo belt grading system.

Last week I returned to my Kenpo sessions, following several weeks away after a long layoff due to surgery. When I walked in I was stumped and shocked as I was blessed with the presence of my sensei’s teacher and Uncle, Shihan Pete Conoghan, who is 9th Degree Dan Black Belt and the highest ranked Kenpo black belt in the UK. You could tell he was vastly superior straight away as he was wearing a black gown uniform instead of a usual GI (gown).

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Bounce your way to fitness

Want to get fit? Well step aside spin sessions, running regimes and Insanity classes. There’s a new kid in town, the trampoline.

You may not think it, but bouncing up and down on a bit of stretchy material is a fantastic way to get fit. Not only that, but it’s tremendous fun.

Ok, so it may take some getting used to. After all, the only time where we really see a trampoline is in someone’s back garden and even then it’s full of children – no place for the serious adult and their water bottle.

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Matt's 12 Stone Challenge

Matt’s 12 Stone Challenge – The end is nigh!

Start date / weight – 1st October 2014 / 10st

Current date / weight – 3rd March 2015 / 11st 10lbs

Hi, I’m Matt, a social media executive for Insure4Sport. This winter I’ve set myself the challenge of building my strength and general fitness with the aim to be 12kg heavier by April, the start of the 2015 cricket season.

After taking advice from a personal trainer at my gym, I have lessened my cardiovascular activity in the last month and focused predominantly on high intensity weight training. I believe this change has helped me reap rewards in the last month as I am now very close to reaching my 12 stone target in very good time, considering my first cricket match of the season isn’t for another 6 and a half weeks.

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client rapport

Building a rapport between you and your client

As a personal trainer, it’s so important you build a great relationship between you and your client. These are the people you will be working with. These are the people who will recommend you to a friend. These are the people who are investing their time and money in you.

Building a rapport with your client doesn’t come easy. It takes time, hard work and a lot of dedication. But the rewards are worth it.

Here are five ways to help create a better relationship with your client:


This is key. The more your client trusts you, the more they are able to open up and talk to you about their goals and even barriers that they face. Don’t try and con your client. Be honest with them. If you think that their targets are too high, tell them. If you think they aren’t working hard enough or can go even further, then push them. Don’t hide anything from client. People are very aware when they aren’t being told the truth. Remember, trust works both ways. The more honest you are with them, the more they are with you and the quicker you can reach the end result.

Strive for success

As a personal trainer, your client’s aspirations are the most important thing. That should be your sole focus. You should be obsessed with getting the best out of your client, and smashing through each target. Enthusiasm is infectious. Your client will want to work harder and go above and beyond not to let you down.

Going that extra mile

The session doesn’t end when your client goes home. Going that extra mile will help convey to your client that you are there to help. A friendly email asking how they are getting on, or a text with a brief reminder of that 5k park run they should be doing this morning helps build a better working relationship with your client.

It’s not about the money

There is nothing worse than a personal trainer pressurising a client into signing up to a number of pre-paid sessions. It stresses them out and creates an air of animosity and reluctance. Clients want to know that their health is your priority, not the coins and notes in their pocket. A sure-fire way to demolish a good relationship with a client is to focus on money and payments rather than health and fitness. Trust us, once they know where your priorities lie, they will want to sign up.

Invest in them

Without your clients, you aren’t a personal trainer. You’re just a guy with a lot of time on your hands. Invest in your client. Go above and beyond. Build a relationship with each individual client. Be personable, friendly and considerate. You need them more than they need you. Once you have that connection, they will keep coming back, and even tell their friends to come and join.

How to motivate your clients to achieve more – be SMART!

Cricket World Cup 2015 Preview

Cricket World Cup 2015 Preview – England’s Chances

England are back at the scene of their most agonising one day cricket encounter; the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). In that 1992 World Cup Final, Graeme Gooch’s experienced England team  lost to Imran Khan’s Pakistan by 22 runs. The 1992 Final represents the closest England have ever come to lifting cricket’s most prestigious trophy. Perhaps the most worrying aspect is that this was 1992, nearly a quarter of a century ago, and the best they have managed in the intervening period has been a place in the quarter finals.

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Matt's 12 Stone Challenge

Halfway There – Matt’s 12 stone challenge

When I started this challenge, just over three months ago, I don’t think I realised just how hard it would be to put weight on, but in the right way. Of course I could have piled two stone on very easily by eating three or four ‘junk’ meals each day, and doing little to no exercise, but that wasn’t my challenge.  My challenge was to put on two stone and for people to not necessarily notice.

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